About us

The Black Sand Box project in Azores, São Miguel, was born to foster a healthy lifestyle in the local community through sport.
We offer surf and skate lessons for all ages, we organize events, competitions, demonstrations and social action activities. We offer a professional and dedicated service so that you have fun like never before.
Associated with surf tourism, we offer a local accommodation, ideal for those looking for a complete package of accommodation + surfing lessons in the Azores.

João Alves is an Azorean born and raised in São Miguel Island (Azores), passionate about the sea and dedicated to its protection.
Because of the insularity, his connection to the sea began very early, first through sailing and then through surfing.
João is an athlete, coach (ISA level II) and judge (FPS and ISA). He has spent the last five years teaching surf, training local youngsters.


Price List (per person)

1 lesson 3 lessons 5 lessons
Group lesson 30€ 85€ 130€
Individual lesson 60€ 160€ 270€
Group private lesson (2 to 4 people) 45€ 130€ 215€

- the lesson includes the wetsuit, leash and surfboard.

- Discounts available for families, residents in S. Miguel island and Casa da Malta guests.

Equipment Rental

1 day 3 days 5 days 10 days
Surfboards 20€ 55€ 90€ 170€
bodyboards & Swimfins 15€ 40€ 65€ 120€
Wetsuit 10€ 25€ 40€ 75€

Duration and Location of the lessons

- the duration is 1h30. Please note that the time and location of the lessons are not fixed as we want to offer you the best conditions. we’ll let you know the day before where and when the lesson will take place.

Certification and insurance

- Black Sand Box (Surf) is a company licensed by the Regional Government of the Azores as a tourist maritime operator (OMT-16/2018).
- We have insurances of civil liability and personal accident so that you're always covered (included in the value of the classes).
- The surf coach is accredited by ISA with the level II course.



- 10% discount on surf lessons for Wayzor Rent a Car clients.



Our accomodation Casa da Malta is located in Livramento, only 10 minutes walk from Milícias beach in Ponta Delgada, in the south shore of S. Miguel Island, in the Azores archipelago.

The house consists of four rooms with one double or two single beds, each one with private bathroom; shared living room, kitchen and dining room; and a garden.

The house is located near two beaches, and there are convenience stores, bars and restaurants nearby as well.

Reservations through Facebook page, click here.

*min. 3 night stay Room Whole house
1 october to 31 march 50€ 170€
1 april to 31 may and september 60€ 220€
1 june to 31 august 70€ 260€

*10% discount on surf lessons for Casa da Malta guests.


Armazém nº6, Rua das Laranjeiras nº31, 9504-536 Ponta Delgada, São Miguel - Açores